- The Life of a Raindropby Y. M. Roger
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The Life of a Raindrop by Y. M. Roger
"The Life of a............" writing prompt entry

From deep inside the thunder head,
congestion at its worst!
Anticipation spreads throughout
of where the cloud may burst…
Blended and pooled with thousands more,
freedom seems far removed
Turbulence and thunder claps,
render our crowds subdued…
Just when the pressure overwhelms,
the noise and lightning too:
gray walls begin to fall away,
and Earth comes into view!
Destiny’s arms are open wide
as down, down, down we fall:
Rapturous flight, alone at last!
Cool whistling winds enthrall…
Oh, how exhilaration screams
while miles they plummet by
Aim for a roof or perhaps a pond,
No matter… and here’s why:
While others may accept an end
to life or to existence,
We’ll make this trek forevermore…
You see rain is quite persistent!


Writing Prompt
Create a poem of any length and style, entitled "The Life of a.......". You fill in the blank with any subject. Of course you may use "The Life of an.....", according to your needs. You may use more than one word to fill the blank. Write about an interest , or concern...


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