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Beaver Moon Equals Freedom by Earl Corp
Short Story writing prompt entry

November’s Beaver Moon hung low in the night sky. Leading my pack animals into the valley which would be my home for the next nine months I stopped to take in the scenery. It was a safe bet I was the first white man to set foot in this Montana Valley. It was perfect for a winter camp.

Trees grew up to the water’s edge, building a cabin when I wasn’t running my trap line wouldn’t prove to be difficult. There was plenty water and game.

Stripping the pack saddles of the horse and the mule, then hobbling them in a patch of grass which somehow escaped the snowstorm the day before.

Checking the priming of my Hawken rifle and two pistols before rolling into my blanket. Satisfied, I quickly fell asleep.

It was turning gray when I arose. I checked to make sure my animals were still there, they were. I took my coffee pot down to the river to get my breakfast juice going.

Looking up and down river. It was dotted with beaver lodges. This would be a good season.

With coffee on to boil, I planned out my next move. It struck me I wasn’t on no time table or clock, I’m master of my own destiny. Experiencing that feeling all mountain men felt, true freedom, was exhilarating.

It was good to be a mountain man and seeing this country before throngs of settlers come west.

To me, November's Beaver Moon equaled freedom.


Writing Prompt
Short Story (Beg/Mid/end) (Create your own title) (250 words max)
beginning with the sentence::

November's Beaver moon hung low in the night sky.


Author Notes
I had to try it. The 250 word restriction is a killer.


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