- To the Seaby Sugarray77
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Life in Uncertain times
To the Sea by Sugarray77
Poem of the Month contest entry

I traveled paths of mystery
o'er glens and dales toward the sea.
Through darkened shadows of the wood,
I journeyed on as best I could.

Uncertain clouds raced through the sky,
and trudging on, I wondered why;
my path became strewn with debris
that scuffed my feet and hindered me.

Where was the smoothness of the clay;
the bright sunshine that blessed my way?
This questioned my integrity...
the faithfulness inside of me.

No answers came to ease my mind,
I felt bereft and left behind.
Then, deep inside I felt His peace,
a gentle nudge, a calm release.

To the sea! The anthem chimes,
no matter there are troubled times.
Our paths will blend both smooth and rough,
but grit and faith will be enough.

To cross the sea, to breach the tide,
my goal... to reach the other side.


Author Notes
Walking though life when we do not understand the things going on around us.


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