- Appalachian Elegy pt 3 by estory
This work has reached the exceptional level
An elegy of the Earth under our feet...
Carolina Pastorals
: Appalachian Elegy pt 3 by estory

The Mountain's Heart

Standing still on this summit
you can feel the mountain's heart
underneath your feet,
beating in metamorphic rock.

A pulse of amethyst,
opal and emerald
crystalizes the rhythms
buried in the outcrops

resonating in our bones.
We align ourselves
like the magnetized needle
locked to the pole

and sunk like a lodestone
through the axle of this world
down into the bedrock.
The heart of this world.


Author Notes
I wanted to create a poem celebrating the magical, mystical connection we feel to the Earth, the mountains, the planet we live on and walk across and marvel at. I wanted to use a short meter, short lines, with regular pulses of 't' 'd' and 'k' sounds to give a soft rhyme, to emulate a heartbeat. The images are all of magnetized compass needles, lodestones, bedrock, and crystals, to try and create a sense of the mystical forces working under the surface of the things we see, to the things we feel. Hope you enjoy. estory


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