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How to live and grow
The Gardener by poetwatch
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Today it rained on this parched land, giving me time
to seed the ground and see the flowers start to climb.
Today it rained
the tears of love reminding us to hope and pray.
We are the children, God made us that day.
We all feel drained

as we live day-by-day, we see life passing by.
I wish to feel the caress, coming from the sky.
I'd reach for it.
To touch the heavens and stay, I yearn every day.
Yet, the time's near and still so far away.
When the spirit

calls I'll walk into the arms of eternity,
and see my God, and what He has in store for me.
I hope it's life.
I wandered this world finding pleasure in my sin.
I never knew the troubles I got in.
I walked in strife.

Yet, my life changed, the garden is where I now toil.
I cultivate with words and plant love in your soil
so you can grow
to be a lovely flower. The beauty that's in
you is shared when you smile, and when you grin
love is aglow.

I am the gardener, I'll heed your every need.
When you're down, feeling weary, I will plant a seed
and make you smile.
The Lord wants you to know that he's the one that sowed
the seeds. Since creation, He's seen us grow
and loves our smiles.

Author Notes
This is a Bridge poem for the Potlatch club
The Bridges
* The Bridges is a stanzaic form with a formal tone created by the long and short lines and exact rhyme scheme. It is patterned after Nightingales by English poet Robert Bridges(1844-1930).
* The Bridges is:
?? stanzaic, written in any number of sixains.
?? metered, L1, L2, L4 of each stanza is iambic hexameter, L5 iambic pentameter, and L3 and L6 are iambic dimeter.
?? rhymed, rhyme scheme aabccb ddeffe, etc.

I tried to smoke out Poe, but he was not there. Then, Marilyn came and turned me on, but :) I wrote what my Lord wanted for me to write. I hope you enjoy it.


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