- A Snow Globe Walkby w.j.debi
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lake reflection form
A Snow Globe Walk by w.j.debi
Artwork by Angelheart at

Embarking forth in gentle storm,
the snow globe flakes surrounding me
enclose the world in lacy white.
There is no rush, no one to meet.
Enjoy the crunch beneath my feet.
Breathe in the glistening, silver sight,
the fluffy pure white fantasy
where peaceful thoughts shall keep me warm.


Author Notes
Written after reading lyenochka's poem "Seagrasses" and seeing her take on the Lake Reflection poetry form created by Mary Kay Bonfante. (8 lines, rhyming pattern abcddcba)
And a little nudge from lyenochka.

Thank you Angelheart for the use of the beautiful artwork.


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