- Acrostic Acrobatics 2020by Y. M. Roger
This work has reached the exceptional level
Things this year are really twisted up, aren't they?
Acrostic Acrobatics 2020 by Y. M. Roger
    Acrostic Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

Across the miles and through the woods,
Christmas chaos comes rolling in,
Revised, in part, to match this year’s
Oceans of doubt where faith had been.
So, start with those old holiday tunes –
Touch up the tempo and chorus,
Include a reference to presents,  while
Channeling a Day named Doris…

And while you’re at it, please don’t forget
Counterfeit touchpoints and triggers,
Rally your goon squad of offence
Outside where there’s free pot and liquor.
Before the season hits its stride,
Attach some Twittering rubbish
To a gram that now appears Instant,  and
Ignore those ol' stocks that are sluggish.
Commemorate all with pictures and pen
So that you can prove you remember when…
Acrostic Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Well, I'm gonna leave the unraveling of any underlying meanings and references to those that are 'in the know' . . . just remember: this IS the nutty blonde you're talking about here and ya never know what she's really up to... wink, wink! ;) Smile and have a very Merry Christmastime 2020, EVERYONE... and, as always, thank you for reading me! ;)

Image of 'Circus Fantasy' (acrylic on canvas) by Myra Evans at


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