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There's only one night like it
It's Tonight by Lulube
This Sentence Starts The Story contest entry

It's happening tonight. The long wait through the Fall and past Halloween, has stirred up much enthusiasm and excitement for the children of the world. It doesn't seem to matter much, having a different religion or no religion at all, for tonight is the most blissful night for wishes to come true, in almost every child's dream.
Children squeaky clean and clothed in their snugglies, are cuddling on the couch, drinking hot chocolate while watching
a special Christmas show on TV.
Older children and parents are still playing the game with the youngsters, asking them what they asked Santa for, when they sat on his knee in the mall.
When eyes are being rubbed and heads are bobbing up from falling asleep, sitting, the parents collect a glass of milk and plate of cookies for Santa, but they don't forget the
carrot for Rudolph and place them near the tree. Along side a note from the children, for Santa, saying the snack is for him.
Not wanting to go to sleep, but knowing that Santa won't stop by their house if they are awake, reluctantly trudge their way to their beds. Trying to hold back their yawning, they beg for a story to be read.
That's when the traditional story book comes to life, The Night Before Christmas, it can finally be read.
One by one, the children of the world will fall asleep, with thoughts of a new bike, new dolly, new books and clothes, dancing in their dreams. Morning can't come fast enough, but it never lets them down.
Soon it will be Christmas morning and excitement, laughter and tears, will start the day.
It's happening tonight, it's Christmas Eve.


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