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This period of solstice.
"Flowered Dreams"
: January Chill by Ricky1024
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"January Chill" (A)
Written on January 15th, 2021
By Doctor Ricky 1024
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'All Rights Reserved'

Baby it's Cold Out!
"Scream and Shout!"
And, this ain't no "California Dreaming!"
Dream a Little Dream of Me?
No way I forgot my coat today?
"Old Man Sol?"
Well, He ain't heating!
He ain't even a meeting!
The coldest time of the year is late December and January.
In parts of the Northwest?
The average temperatures bottoms out before the Solstice.
Both the Arctic...
(Which is the North Pole)
And, the Antarctic.
(Which is the South Pole)
Are both Cold because they don't get any sunlight!

"Dead of Winter" (B)
"The Dead of Winter"
Is an old saying.
And, it refers to the Coldest part of the Winter Season.
(January 10th to February 10th)
Today's date is January 16th, 2021.
And, it's been unseasonably mild with high temperatures today predicted to be 46° in New Jersey!
But we will pay?
Mark my words!

"Old Man Sol" (C)
He doesn't care and it feels as if He's no longer there!
But why?
We are now entering the furthest distance from that "Old Man Sol's Heart!"
Heater please?
But it is dimming?
But the heat?
'Heat me up Scotty!'
Or was it beam me up?
"Sun Beams"
Future Dreams?
I see icicles growing from my nose!
Yes, right down to my toes!
Baby it's Cold out!
And, it's so Cold!
'How cold is it Doctor Ricky?'
'It's colder than my ex-girlfriend Nancy's tit!'
Approximate Word Count: 333.

Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Talented Artist and Writer, 'cleo 85'
And, her Incredible Picture Entitled,
"Blue morning"


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