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Time for the new fridge
Fridge by Lulube

"Nothin' wrong here. This sucker's working great,"
That's what the refrigerator man said
Not referring to my, lack-of-chilling, fridge
But to the one at his side, as I watch his online video
A self-help clip, to aide an in-home, repair attempt

In my case, the refurbished fridge/freezer (on the bottom)
Is what's showing it's true color now, since moving in, 3 years past
The sneaky, previous owner, installed okay-at-a-glance appliances
They were all now, faltering into a kitchen melt down, literally
The wiring for the main, large burner on the stove, shut down
Then for a shocking surprise, a flame shot out from a small burner
The garburator is non-compliant and leaking, it's permanently off

The fridge no longer pushes air through the top and bottom compartments
Never mind that the air is no longer cold, but the fan works, it tries
The off-white paint on the outer shell of the fridge/freezer
Recently started to peel away every time I'd wipe it down
Now the original color is peeking out through the streaks
A putrid, creamy mustard shade, it's creeping in, oh no!
This fridge has to be from the 70's and I still hate that color

So watching the refrigerator man attacking the ice build-up inside
The subjected fridge, with a carving knife, was an alarming technique
That I always knew to be taboo, but I wanted to use it now
I think I'm ready for an oopsy from the blade, rupturing beyond repair
Leading me to an up-to-date selection to pick a replacement from

I saw a top freezer/fridge, baby blue with a stainless steel name and handle
With rounded corners, tucked away in a corner of.....
What store did I see that one in?

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