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Seawater pools, Sydney by LittleIrishman

When think pools in Sydney, it is usually the standard, chlorine-filled water pools strewn around the Sydney region.

Apparently there is still some chlorine in these saltwater pools, but the chlorine is generated by electrolysis from the salt.

Some of the few saltwater pool around Sydney are:
- Angourie, Blue Pool;
- Cabarita, near Concord and Drummoyne;
- Jellybean and Blue Pool, Glenbrook national park south;
- Karloo Pool, Royal National Park, Heathcote;
- Mermaid waterhole, Bargo;
- Mumbulla Creek Falls, Biamanga National Park; and
- Yarrangobilly Caves, thermal-spring pool.

Although a private residence may choose to use saltwater in their front or back yard pools, it is normally the chlorine water pools.

One may ask how to properly and consistently obtain saltwater for one's own pools. Someone may add normal or specially-made salt into the pool water. Otherwise people would have to travel to nearby beaches to gain this pool saltwater.

- Personal Experiences:
Some family members and their families go to Cabarita pools, and of course some saltwater near the main Sydney beaches.
- -- Forums (November 2013 to February 2014), 'Chlorine-free swimming pools in Sydney'


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