- Where Is Your Music?by Ronni
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Our Spirit's Precious Power
Where Is Your Music? by Ronni

We each have our own delicate music
world is our subtle stage and symphony
yet most of us are living with their
most tender and tenacious tunes
still muted, uncertain or afraid
Where is your music
what songs or hearts melodies
did you not yet sing today?

This gift of music we've all been given
placed in our yearning soul's care
is our spirit's most precious power
to glow and gleam as only we each can
if we but try, or chance to dare
Where is your music
what hearts joy did you
not yet set free today?

Your music has it's own unique
time, space, pace for harmony's flow
it's what your soul's echoes discreetly
guide you to savor, share and feel
music and song has often changed the world
yours, yet awaits its debut and appeal
Where is your music
what songs have you
yet to sing
without fear, or further delay


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