- A Letter to Godby Raul1
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Walter's letter to God.
A Letter to God by Raul1

Walter wrote a Letter to God:

Dear God,

Of all the injustices going on in this world, I ponder on how to make it better. I know the things I am asking of you is too much. I want this world to be at peace. I know that you can't grant this, because it is as it is. Please, stop all the violence and hate. Everyone has a difference of opinion of this world. Most of the recent attacks have happened in our beloved planet. I hope my message to you is clear. Make us all have peace at last.

Sincerely your friend,

Walter H. 


Author Notes
One of you asked me if you want to see the letter that Walter wrote. Well, here it is. He was mentioning that most people are struggling to lead their lives in hoping to have peace. He tries to convince God to help him and all his people to bring freedom to the whole world. Here is the letter from the recent post 'Walter Asks God' that he meant to send it to God himself.

Walter is a African American in his twenties. He is a Pennsylvania native. He works at a bank and is an accountant. He is married with Elasha Tom who is a female white American. They have five children. His favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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