- Incidental Occurrencesby Y. M. Roger
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Funny how life just happens, isn't it?
Incidental Occurrences by Y. M. Roger
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To buy flowers for a funeral
I can confess ‘twas my intent,
My second cousin twice removed
met face-to-face with wet cement
Oh, worry not, his
will be managed by his friend, Bob,
Who says the job will be a
with help from some group called the mob
But, anyway, back to the task
of buying
sunshine on a stem:
I’ve been
walking ‘round for hours now
and cannot find an ATM!
Feels like one of those bad
Oh, I’m sure you know the kind –
A collection of some random scenes
With seemingly no plot in mind…


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any length or style using these words

Movies, restaurant, breeze, walking, sunshine, flowers


Author Notes
Image of 'Street Life No. 1' (acrylic on canvas) by David Tycho at


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