- A Ramble in the Darkby BethShelby
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Telling my husband about the power outage.
A Ramble in the Dark by BethShelby
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A candle flickers in our window.
It’s glow's reflected in the glass.
It’s all the light we'll have tonight.
Try not to slip on our wet grass!

The tree we planted is no longer.
A flash of light'ning made it snap.
We’ll miss its fragrant smell in spring time.
A thunderstorm's caused that mishap.

Things happen when you least expect it.
The climate change may be at fault.
Our power’s out, so there's no dinner.
Bring burgers home, and choc’late malt.

I hear that things are worse in Texas,
and shelves are empty to the wall.
They say they’re having to boil water.
They can’t drink from their taps at all.

Come home, My Love, and please be careful!
Bringing the food’s your only task.
When you go by the drive-thru window,
remember please, to wear your mask.


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