- Chochee's In~Securityby QC Poet
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Aerospace Culture Questions
The Two of Me
: Chochee's In~Security by QC Poet
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 A Scene from "The Two of Me"

Narrator's Voice - Introduction;

    Inside an Aircraft Company known as Galaxy Aircraft Corporation, Chochee Medina is a current hourly Employee who began working for Galaxy A.C. shortly after the birth of his first son in 1979, Chochee moved up the company ladder from an entry level job known as a fabrication helper removing the sharp edges (burrs) on formed and trimmed metal parts with hand and powered equipment. Chochee also has been promoted for his second time and currently is a Formation Press Operator. It's now 1981and times are changing, as it's widely known throughout the company that a corporate consolidation plan with an eventual complete facility move are quickly thinning out the current work force herd. Galaxy's Corporate strategic plan for the future is to convert or gradually eliminate many of it's Commercial Aircraft product lines. This transition also is impacting it's lower seniority union employees along with many senior union employees who can not obtain their required Government Security Clearance. Chochee has been awaiting final word on his Government Clearance approval with a scheduled lay-off date set for the beginning of the coming month. Unbeknownst at this point in time to Chochee is his wife also has been experiencing morning sickness again since the birth of their first son a little over two years ago.

*Transition of Scenery to an Aircraft Parts Fabrication Plant"

Narrator's Voice;
Chochee's current Department Manager Mr. Lank Freos (elder and also happened to grow up in Pacoima, California - Chochee's home town) it was Lank's job to tell Chochee that he's been scheduled for lay-off at month's end and gave him some additional Security Clearance paperwork to complete, sign, then turn in the next morning. Now it's a week and a half later and there still has not been a word of Chochee's clearance status or mention of it in the usual daily work assignment briefings. Chochee decides to ask his Manager Lank about it today as Lank is making daily status rounds, in order to ease his self-worring and make any other preparations that might be necessary. 
It's mid-week (Wednesday) and Chochee sees Mr. Lank Freos walking towards the Formation Press he's operating and trys to wave him over.

Chochee's voice;
(Said in desperation)
"What's up Lank, is there any good news for me today?"

Mr. Lank Freos character's voice;
(smiling and grinning)
"Come on homeboy, you know if I hear something I'll let you know right away ~ how cold a dude do you think I am homey?"

Chochee's voice;
"Yeah man I know but, my lay-off date is coming up quick and I haven't heard anything or even told my lady yet, you know what I mean?"
(Said with a Nervous smile and hand gestures)

Lank Freos character's voice;
"Don't worry these Clearance things always pop up at the last minute unless you stepped into some deep shit?"
(looks intently at Chochee)
"You don't got to worry about that unless you're hiding something ~ you wanna tell me about it little homie?

Chochee's voice;
"Well, there's that one time..."
( w/thinking gesture,smiles and laughs)
"Nah, my old man got all my juvenile records sealed before I started working here man!"
(making a peace sign)

Lank's character voice;
(nodding his head no)
"You're a big smart ass, Huh?"
(Gives Chochee a more serious look)
I'll check it out and make another call to the Security Clearance guys ~ alright?"

Chochee's voice;
"Yeah, Thanks man, that way my old lady won't leave me!"

Lank character's voice;
(Laughing and nods no again)
"Smart ass, we' will see how funny it is when she leaves you"
(Still laughing takes off) 

Narrator's Voice; 
The next day is (Thursday), Chochee sees Lank walking near his machine area,

Chochee's character;
(w/out voice only uses hand and body for gesturing)
"What's up - Anything?"

Lank's character;
(No voice body movements & paperwork used in gestering replies)
Walking by quickly, looks his way while nodding no.

Narrator's Voice; 
But, Lank comes back later that afternoon and gives Chochee an update.

Lank's character voice;
(said with a serious look)
"You got to go to the Government Security Clearance office and talk to a dude running the Clearance checks ~ go there right now and don't punch out though, here's a paper telling you who to ask for ~ go now Bill will cover while your gone."

Chochee's character voice;
"Is it Bad news?"

"Lank's character voice;
"I don't know they never say but, don't keep them waiting long get there quickly". 

Narrator's Voice; 
(with background scenery changing)
Chochee quickly and quietly walks to his car in a lot nearby, then drives turning off his radio to think and gets to the Security Clearance office, parks his car and starts walking to the designated office, where he asks a receptionist for the name on his paperwork.

Chochee's voice;
"Excuse me Mrs., I'm Chochee Medina, reporting in per my Department Manager".
(half-smile and curious look)

(w/stern look back at him and voice)
"Chochee, Please sit down and he'll be with you in a minute".

Narrator's Voice;
An Elderly Japanese man enters from an adjacent office

(The Elderly Japanese man's voice);
"Mr. Medina?" 

Chochee's voice;
"Yes Sir, that's me"

(The Elderly Japanese man & voice);
(as he's looking at Chochee up & down)
"Please, follow me" 

Narrator's Voice; 
Chochee follows the Gentleman to a nearby office, then stands to wait for the next direction.

(The Elderly Japanese man);
(with a more serious look on face & in his voice)
"My name is Kim Hang"
(extends hand out in a hand shaking gesture)

Chochee's character & voice;
(as he moves closer accepting handshake)
"Nice to meet you Sir"
(receives the handshake)

Mr. Hang;
(w/serious stare & voice)
"Sit down Chochee, I guess you kinda already know what this meeting is about?"

Chochee's character voice;
"Well Sir, I believe it has to do with the Security Clearance I'll be needing to work for the Advance Projects fabrication department?"
(His slight smile fades as there's no response)

Mr. Hang's voice;
"Yes indeed it does, I got a few questions regarding the paperwork you submitted for your Clearance in order to understand it a bit more clearly."
(stated while looking at Chochee for reactions)

Chochee's voice;
(w/body posturing, stated in a serious tone and attentive look)
"Well Sir, if there are any answers missing or needed, I'll do my best to answer them"

Mr. Hang voice;
(Reviews report, with attentive look while speaking)Looking at report and begins some verification questions;
Full name, birth date, place of birth, social security number, Father's full name, place of birth, birth date, Mother's full name, birth day, and place of birth. And how long has each been in the United States?
(while observing reactions to his questions)

Chochee answering;
Chochee Martinez Medina, born on xx/xx/xxxx, in 19xx, Social security number xx/xx/xxxx, grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California.
Father's full name is xxx/ xx/xxx born on xxx, born in xxxx Mexico,
Mother's full name is xxx/xx/xxx, born on xx/xx/xxxx, born in xxx Mexico, and he explains why he doesn't know their social security numbers, and how long they've been in the United States to best of his knowledge.

Mr. Hang voice;
(shifting in his seat indignantly)
"Why didn't your parents ever apply for their citizenship, if they were able to? Personally, I think if you can, you should. My parents weren't able to because of their Japanese heritage until after World War Two. They were not allowed to but did it as soon as it was possible.
(looking at Chochee's reactions to the line of this inquiry)

Chochee's character voice;
"Sir, what I know and remember is my Father saying when he arrived he went to night school to learn english and worked during the day as a Grave digger at Forest Lawn in the 50's. My Mother was already here and working for a company as an assembler, I think.They met through an uncle of mine who Dad befriended and possibly work with.They then got married and my eldest brother was born in 1958, my father started his own Gardening and Landscaping business around 1957. I am the sixth born of eight children so their focus was really on providing for the family and might not have had the resources or time with such big a family.

Mr. Hang's character;
(voicing response in an angry tone)
"I believe anyone eligible who can get their citizenship should do so if eligible as I said, people of Japanese and Asian heritage were restricted till after the War, and many eligible folks are just too plain lazy to do so, or have legal issues preventing them from going and doing so".

Chochee's response;
"With all due Respect Sir, I'm sorry about that but, they may have felt that since they had gotten their green / Naturalization cards it might have been the appropriate thing to do back then".

Mr. Hang voice;
(seems a bit agitated but replies)
"Well many people in this country have the opportunity and don't take advantage of it and that's unfortunate. I'll check into it some more before any notification goes to your Manager prior to our decision. Do you have any questions or comments you want to ask me related to this matter"

Chochee's character voice;
"No Sir, I just wanna say Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions and I'll be available for any other clarifications or questions that may arise."

Mr. Hang voice;
"We will inform your Manager of our decision and if there are any other questions for you. Good Luck and tell your Manager we'll be in touch with him after our decision".
(extending hand again)

Chochee's character voice;
"Thank you Sir".
(Shakes hands again)

Narrator's Voice;
(with scenery changing on the way back to the factory)
Chochee is quietly going over the interview exchange, not sure of the results and is hoping he didn't blow this opportunity as he returns to his building and work area. Mr. Lank Freos sees Chochee coming in as he's getting a status update in a nearby department and decided to inquire about the meeting's results.

Mr.Lank Freos voice;
(walks over by Chochee to feel out the situation)
"Good you made it back, well how did it go?"

Chochee's character voice;
(wondering and still taking in the meeting's possible results)
"I'm not so sure the dude liked Mexicans, he said he'd be in contact with you if he had any other questions for me about the Clearance questions?"

Lank's character voice;
"Well you still got about a week left to get your Security Clearance but time is ticking away Chochee, so be sure to Pray on your knees tonight and you might wanna let your lady know just in case homie ~ in the mean time get back to work homies!"

Narrator's Voice;
As Friday progresses on to Monday and through Wednesday afternoon status meetings pass without Mr. Freos mentioning any word. Chochee's getting anxiously nervous by now and finally decides to ask his Manager to get it over with, after all he's already been told that his lay-off was scheduled for this Friday. All week he's been turning in company tools he had checked them out on loan. Returned while getting ready to be laid-off on Friday. It's gotten so close to the date that Chochee had finally told his wife he'd most likely be laid-off on Friday. Now resigned to be getting laid-off, Chochee figured maybe he'd go home early Thursday afternoon as many of his buddies had done upon being told of their lay-offs by Lank Freos around 3:00 pm. Chochee decides to go and get it over with once and for all and heads to Mr. Freos office only to find him on the phone with a status conversation in progress but, was motioned to sit down and wait. After hanging up the phone Lank starts to pull paperwork out from his desk drawer. 

Chochee's character's voice;
"Lank it's been a fun ride I guess those are any lay-off papers to sign?" He then stretches out his hand in a "Thanks" handshake gesture.

Lank's character voice;
"What you can't wait to get outta here man?" 
"I know it's been rough lately but shit you're eager to get out".
"Well ok (as he exhaled) here eager beaver, sign your transfer paperwork and go home then, I'm tired of the papers sitting in my desk drawer for a month anyways".
(Starts laughing out loud and gets up handing the paperwork to Chochee, and extending his hand saying "Congratulations".

Chochee's reply;
"What?, For real man?, No Shit?" 
Mr. Lank Freos replies;
"No shit homes, I almost gave them to you to sign the other day after your Security Clearance meeting you looked so, so Sad!"
(Laughing making wiping tears gesture)
"SIgn them, you'll be spending most of your day over at Security tomorrow, so you'll be out of here and their problem after that".

As Scene Fades to Black 

Author Notes
Chochee's In~Security
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Aerospace Culture Questions
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57 sentences, 12,542 characters, 153 paragraphs

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