- At First Sightby Bonnie Seach
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Born blind... seeing her Mom for the first time
At First Sight by Bonnie Seach
    Eye Contact Contest Winner 

Both hubby and I really longed for a child.
Ten years we were married and no little one~

We begged our Father with heads held down, holding hands tightly... so woebegone

One month later, I told Mark, "rejoice!
We've done it, we're pregnant!
A matter of course."

Our beautiful daughter,
Lisa Marie,
couldn't stop crying for she couldn't see

A series of surgeries had to take place...
A year of pain passed...
Such a slow pace

The bandages came off
one bright summer morn,
"Too early to tell yet", the surgeon did warn

"Be patient Eva", Mark saw I was sore, "it won't be
much longer,
a month or two more,
and our girl will be stronger."

Mark sat with our daughter upon his right knee.
"We'll fit her with glasses so that she can see."

She'd always seen me with her mind's eye,
accepting her blindness and not asking why ~

For her very first sight, who would she see?
Would it be Papa,
or would it be me?

This is the first time I would "see" her so clearly ~
With an untroubled heart
I would love her most dearly

With eyes opened wide,
And shining so blue,
I caught a glint in them
that told me she knew

She stretched out her arms at me asking to hold her ~
I wept as she nestled
her head in my shoulder

I Iooked deep in her eyes
and saw wisdom and insight;
the miracle of love and the strength of God's might...
... And the wonderment of that very first sight!
Eye Contact
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Blind from birth Lisa Marie received eyes from a donor. After several surgeries she was able to see her mother for the first time. A Moment of Forever. Mother and daughter "saw" each other for the first time


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