- Fox and Felix Fine: First Case 4by Bill Schott
This work has reached the exceptional level
a one-scene script with Fox and Felix
Fox and Felix Fine: First Case 4 by Bill Schott


Fox: ...... average young man
Felix:..... Fox's look-alike cousin
Lois:......  friend of Fox
Trent: .... airfield owner
Kay: ...... skydiving team member

Fox and Felix Fine are investigating the disappearance of Kitty Sanders, who is a mayoral candidate. They have twenty-four hours to find her. Their only clue is her being seen going to a skydiving club.  The two are aggressively interrogating two people who they believe know where to find Kitty.

The scene is in a hangar. Fox and Felix are standing over two other characters whom they are questioning.

Fox: Okay, okay, just a sec, folks. No one is in danger here.

Trent: (
pointing at Felix)This man attacked me and has now threatened our lives.

Felix: I said we have no reason to leave you alive. We had no reason to leave you alive two weeks ago either. 

Trent: What?

Felix: Just tell us where Jiggy's at and we'll go.

Trent: Who?

Felix: The girl, dummy. 

Lois: She's at home.  

Entering from the left, Lois strolls confidently to the center of the scene. 

Lois:  Yes, she's been home since this morning.

Trent: Excellent! Now to call the police and my lawyer.

Fox: Tell them to bring the drug dogs.

Felix: Have them send the pizza and beer dogs too.

Trent: There are no drugs here.

Felix jabs Trent in the solar plexus again.

Felix: I'm sure there's SOME -- somewhere. 

Kay: You're insane!

Felix: I'm intense and excitable. 

Kay: We are flying out of here NOW!

Felix: On a broom, maybe, Fifi.

The woman leaps from the ground to deliver a front kick to Felix's throat.

Felix: (smiling while parrying the woman's attempt, he grabs and directs her body violently to the floor.)   Have a seat, grasshopper.

Fox: (
looking up at Lois and ignoring the scuffle) Hi, Lori. Nice of you to drop by with this information. How did you know we were here and on this case?

Lois: It's Lois, Fox. Why do you always confuse us? 

Felix: That you, Lori? Don't we have a date this weekend?

Lois:  I'm Lois. You must be Felix. Lori sends her regards and a kick in the pants.

Felix:  She knows what I like.

Fox: (
stepping between Lois and Felix)  Kitty Sanders?

Kay: (
standing and moving quickly to a nearby plane) Trent, let's go! 

Felix: Why do you think you're going somewhere?

Kay: (
produces a six-inch knife from her sleeve and throws it at Felix)  Present for you!

Felix: (
steps into the flight of the knife, taking it in the upper arm)  Yes! Missed the bone! That would have hurt a bunch. 

Fox: (
startled)  Felix! Are you alright?

Felix: (
grinning)  Sacrificial wing, man. 

Lois: (
with a semi-smile) Need a band-aid, Felix?

Felix:  Just a nurse. Maybe a beer.

Fox: Now we'll call the police.

Trent: Wait!  I will help you.

Fox: Kind of late, dip. Kitty is back home.

Trent:  Is she?

To be continued...



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