- Havoc in Heavenby Beejay
This work has reached the exceptional level
A search for that elusive white feather.
Havoc in Heaven by Beejay
Artwork by alaskapat at

Was it you causing havoc in Heaven?
Was it you floating by on a cloud?
Was it you playing the harp of an Angel?
Angelic music swirling around,
Heavenly notes drifting down from Heaven,
A celestial interlude,
On a cold, damp, mundane morning
I listened in solitude.
Was it you standing at the Gates with St. Peter?
Did you pluck feathers from an Angel's wing?
And gently blow them down here so I would find them,
Swathed in the comfort of what that brings...


Author Notes
Many thanks to alaskapat for the beautiful art work.


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