- Pointing the Boneby Aussie
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Aboriginal bone pointing
Pointing the Bone by Aussie
100 Word Flash Fiction contest entry

The white overseer's house sat menacingly above the aborigines' camp in the grove of eucalyptus trees.
Every night the overseer would send for a young girl. The mothers' keened as their young daughters trudged up the hill to pleasure the white man's appetites. The black men were chained to trees.

When the white man had sated his lust he sent the dishevelled teenager back down the hill.
Willaway, medicine man had a plan. The peaceful elder called on ancient magic. He needed to stop the rapes.
When the overseer came to camp, Willaway pointed the bone. The rapist fell dead.


Author Notes
Flash Fiction contest. 100 words. Back in the early days of white settlement in Australia, medicine men use bone-pointing on their enemies. Both practices of spearing and bone-pointing were outlawed altogether.


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