- Baron Aaron and Count Too-ten 2by Bill Schott
This work has reached the exceptional level
a one-scene script with BA and CT
Baron Aaron and Count Too-ten 2 by Bill Schott

The scene opens on the same beach of the same tropical island. The same two figures sit and stand in the center on either side of a palm tree. One man has on a summer dress and the other a formal gown. Both have beards and long hair.

Baron Aaron (BA): (
sitting left of the tree on a pile of bananas) Looks like it will be another hot one.

Count Too-ten (CT): (
pantomimes tying together a noose and hanging himself) We should get an ice cream cone.

BA: I'm afraid an ice cream maker didn't float in with that wardrobe trunk. 

CT: A banana split would be nice.

BA: If only we had more bananas.

CT: Maybe you could spare a couple from your banana chair.

BA: I finally got it to where it's comfortable.

CT: What ever happened to the coconut chair?

BA: You may recall that we cracked all of them open and ate the insides. Then we built that raft made from the shells. 

CT: We did? I somehow don't recall that happening.

BA: Maybe I dreamed it.

CT: That doesn't explain where the coconuts went.

BA: Ok, fine. Have a banana.

To be continued ?????

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