- Merry Spring by Bonnie Seach
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The sun pushes its Spring rays through thin cold air
Merry Spring by Bonnie Seach

Good morning Spring!
Please do come in!
We've waited all winter long
And now at last, the cold has passed
And Spring breaks into song...

Young birds chirp high up in the trees
Strong winds have calmed right down
We smell new flowers in the breeze...
As pretty seeds are sown

The sky is blue and clouds smile through
Our sunny days are here!
Bright Sun smiles down,
'Cos gone its frown...
Its bright rays bring us cheer...

Yes! Spring has sprung,
Look everyone!
Our merry Spring is here!

Author Notes
A friend has an Instagram page. She paints beautiful flower arrangements, and asked me to write something about Spring which arrived in South Africa on 1st September. Here it is...


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