- Baron Darrin and Count Bi-tooz 1by Bill Schott
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Baron Darrin and Count Bi-tooz 1 by Bill Schott

This scene opens on a tropical island. Baron Darrin lies in a hammock suspended between two statues of himself. His friend Count Bi-tooz is counting gold coins as he sits beneath a large beach umbrella made from palm fronds. Behind them is a cabana being spray-painted white.

Baron Darrin (BD): I really miss our friends Baron - ah - Arnold - is it? 

Count Bi-tooz (CB): Yes, that's close. Also Count Too-ten is lost.  

BD: Fortunately you were able to get the Count to place all his assets in trust between you.

CB: Haven't we had this conversation once already? 

BD: Have we? All the conversations and all the days seem to run together for me nowadays. 

CB: Perhaps another sip of that cocktail I made of that medicinal oil from Poison Island and mineral water, on ice.

BD: Where did the ice come from?

CB: A submarine brought it in this morning. 

BD: You're a great host, Count. I wish I could repay your hospitality.

CB: Transfer all your property into a trust with our names on it as trustees. 

BD: I would need to be crazy to do that, Count.

CB: Of course. Care for another drink?

BD: Yes. Make it a double. 

CB: By all means, Baron. By all means. 

To be continued ?????


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