- When Jesus Callsby Bonnie Seach
This work has reached the exceptional level
Jesus will call those in the graves back to life on earth
When Jesus Calls by Bonnie Seach

We struggle and suffer
We feel the sting ~
Our lives are unstable
In every thing!

We plan and strive but seldom arrive...
The journey is often cut short ~
We do not know what lies ahead ~
Tomorrow may not be our sort.

We're like a mist our Father says...
We're here, and
Then we're gone!
Our loved ones cry and shed their tears...
Why? Please tell us what went wrong?

It's Satan the Devil, Jehovah says ~
He is determined to rule.

If we can endure, to the bitter end,
Our faith will make Satan a fool.

Our King, Christ Jesus conquered the world ~
He'll open the graves very soon...

All those who've been asleep in the ground,
Resting and waiting down there ~
Will come out alive..
When Jesus calls...
Peace, joy and love,

James 4:14

Author Notes
Jesus based his Sermon on the Mount on Psalm 37.
It says in vss 10, 11 that the meek will inherit the earth
That is why he said in Matthew 5:5 the meek will inherit the earth
John wrote in John 5:28,29 that those in the graves, the Memorial Tombs will hear Jesus' voice and come out to life on earth. What a wonderful gift from God the resurrection hope is


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