- Scene at a Chess Match 2by Bill Schott
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a one-scene script with Pons and Ned
Scene at a Chess Match 2 by Bill Schott

Previously, Pons and Ned attended a chess championship in a public library. Pons was informing Ned about the game and the match finally began.

The scene opens in the same public library with the same chess table and players situated in the center and an audience forming a half-circle facing downstage. Standing upstage center are Pons and Ned.

Azzo Spikelli (Azzo): Queen's knight to rook's three.

Pons: He's using the Sicilian defense.

Ned: What's a sizzlin' defense fer?

Bluto Barnes (Bluto): Pawn to king's three.

Pons: Barnes is playing an Italian game.

Ned: Sure, Pons. Dint ya say it was "chest"?

Azzo: King's knight to bishop three.

Pons: Wow! He's coming out strong.

Ned: Neitter one a them dudes seems too extra-cited 'bout it.

Bluto: King's pawn to king's three.

Pons: Barnes is going to cross the board.

Ned: He dunt seem too mad jis yet. I mean, iff'n he did jump up and go after that A-hole guy, he'd make short work a him fer sure.

Pons: Azzo.

Ned: Okay, Cuz. I was jis tryin' not ta say no bad words.

Pons:  That's his name -- Azzo.

(Ned's eyebrows raise and his eyes widen) Let's jis calm down, Pons. Dunt let this here weird game get ya so hopped up you start callin' folks names.

Azzo: Rook's pawn to rook's three.

Bluto: King's bishop to queen's bishop three.

Pons: They're speeding up, Ned. What did you say about calming down?

Ned: I ain't never bin to no chest tourniquet afore, so I ain't appared ta handle no riot.

Pons: Riot -- at a chess game? 

Ned: I amember a checkers game atween my great granpappy and Lefty Lukkersen. Why they was tusslin' and bitin' fer quite a bit till Paw got'm set back down. 

Pons: I didn't know people could be so invested in the outcome of a checkers game.

Ned: They was playin' fer the pink slip on a Nash-Rambler when Granpappy caught Lefty wit a couple a checkers up his sleeve. 

Pons: So what happened?

Ned: Well, nobody could amember where the dang checkers was on the board afore it got knocked on the floor. Lefty's lucky weiner dog run off in all the extra-citement and it took ten a us wit flashlights and peanut butter on sticks ta track that critter down.

Pons: Look, Ned. Barnes is standing and pointing at the board. 

To be continued...

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