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A problem.
I need to search your brains. by barbara.wilkey

FanStory Friends,

The artwork I choose for this has nothing to do with my problem.

I just needed cheering up and I love puppies and kittens. Sorry!

I've come up with a publishing problem.

A few significant things have happened. First: My publisher passed

away a few years ago. We had become close friends, and I miss her

greatly. My problem today is one of my first books, 'Two Tattered Hearts'

has been pulled from amazon. It was only an e-book. It was published in

2013, The computer I had it saved on crashed and one of the things I lost

was that kindle book. I have the original manuscript and I have the photo

of the cover. I asked some of my friends who had purchased the book

for the ISBN number and they sent it to me. But I don't know how to use

that number to search for that book. Any ideas?

Many of you have probably read it when I posted it. I think I posted it

under the title 'Lonely Hearts Meet'. It was about an abused wife and her


Now for the next part of my problem. I have lost track of my editor and

agent. I lost her in December. We live in different states. I have e-

mailed her, called her, and checked her Facebook page. There has been

nothing on any of them. I have no clue what's going on. I have found a

new editor who's doing a fantastic job, but I'm struggling with and agent

or publisher.

Recently, I thought I had found a new publisher, 'Unspoken Traditions'

about the Jewish Artwork. My agent had her foot in the door for me with

Hallmark, but I have no clue what happened to that. Hallmark will only

accept work from an agent. One of my reviewers will enjoy this. After

making it through the query and synopsis phase, I went into the the three

chapter phase. I made it through that, and sent my manuscript. So far

everything was going great. The first read of my manuscript and

everything was a go. Then Friday, I received an e-mail that I wasn't a

good fit for them because I didn't have any male pregnancies in my

manuscript. I can promise you, unless I am writing about seahorses,

none my males will have babies. I was rejected. My reference to the

reviewer is because this person feels I'm too old fashioned.

I have contacted a few other publishing companies and realize I need a

marketing plan. I have none. My publisher had taken care of that. What I

need are some ideas of CONSERVATIVE sites where I can advertise my

novels. I have them advertised on Facebook and just today Twitter, but

neither of them are really CONSERVATIVE. As you know my novels are

the traditional romance. Also if you know of any conservative romance

publishers or agents that are taking submissions please let me know.

Please help with ideas. I'm at a loss, but I know my FanStory friends are a

great bunch of talented people. Thank you in advance and HUGS!!!!


Author Notes
I am not really interested in reviews on this. I just need help. Thank you for all the support you give me.


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