- Encouragementby pookietoo
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How we should stay encouraged
Encouragement by pookietoo
Uplifting Poems Contest writing prompt entry

Be positive even when you fall.
Nobody is perfect after all.
Do not compare yourself to a friend.
It's important to try, try again.

Remember your trials help you grow.
Try not to get too high or too low.
If you think you're beat, cry then move on.
Learn from your mistakes; let them be gone.

God's aware of the things we go through.
We should try to keep the end in view.
Life is not easy; just do your best.
Pray to our Father when you feel stressed.

Perseverance will lead to success.
Be grateful; remember you are blessed.
Receive answers from God when you pray.
Listen to your friends along the way.

Writing Prompt
Write an uplifting rhyming poem.


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