- Be All You Can Beby Tom Horonzy
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Hoping to inspire students
Be All You Can Be by Tom Horonzy

Whatever you think you are today
rest assured, you'll be different tomorrow.
Some of our stars will burn brighter than ever;
others will flame brightly, fade and go away.
Rarely can anyone stand "on the fence"
teetering or tottering precariously for long
as life is a patchwork of opposites such as:
coming or going, dawn to dusk, or rising or falling.
Those who ascend to the top are well-beaten as cream,
stirred by trials and challenges faced each day;
whereas those doing little, stand still and curdle,
becoming chunky, lumps that appear unappealing
to family, friends, spouses, and corporate leaders.
Some scale mountains onto new and greater heights
while others do little stumble on debris left behind.
As you near the end of your secondary education
ask yourself, have you traversed the high road
filled with towering hills and panoramic views
or have taken the byway, flat without challenges
with obstructed views of canyons from dry riverbeds?
You needn't stay where you are; turn your mind, be free.
Imagine soaring through space toward a place no one
has been for nobody else can or does think like you
and on your return, paint me a cycloramic view of what
you saw and did on your "most excellent" adventure.
Oh. Don't bring back any gentlemen from Mongolia.

Author Notes
I presented this piece before Ms. Parker's, Broome High school's
creative writing class hoping to inspire them to be all they could be.


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