- Joseph And Animalsby pookietoo
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He sure loves them.
Joseph And Animals by pookietoo
Children's Poem writing prompt entry

My son is Joseph, and he is three.
He watches monkeys swing from a tree.
There are many sounds he loves to hear.
He feels joy when he feeds the wild deer.

He laughs when he hears the horses neigh
And when he hears all the donkeys bray.
The cows will say moo, and he does too.
He loves saying cock-a-doodle-doo.

He played with pups before he could walk,
Enjoys hearing parrots squawk and talk.
His cat will sit on his lap and purr.
He loves to pet their silky soft fur.

He enjoys watching ducks swim and float
And loves to hear the bleat of a goat.
He'll shout with glee when he looks up high.
So many birds are up in the sky.


Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming children's poem.


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