- Delightful Thingsby pookietoo
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Delightful Things by pookietoo
Life Without The Letter A writing prompt entry

The soft wispy clouds in the sky,
Seeing the birds flying up high;
Colorful flowers filled with dew,
The sun shines in the skies so blue.

Seeing children's pretty eyes glow,
Listening to the words they know.
They're gentle, loving, precious, true.
They love doing kind things for you.

Cherishing friends for what they do.
Knowing, to you, they'll always be true.
Uplifting them when they need you,
Being there when they're feeling blue.

Seeing your toddler with their new pet,
Good times with them you'll never forget.
I know kids know how to forgive.
They try to show us how to live.

Writing Prompt
Write a story or poem of any length without using the letter 'A'. Please see announcement for details.


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