- Mysteryby Jomo17
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Mystery by Jomo17
Tying Up Loose Ends contest entry

She was funny and smart,
a wonderful friend.
The kind of relationship,
one thinks has no end.

She didn't live close,
but we stayed in touch.
Long phone calls brought laughter,
we giggled so much.

She was my bridesmaid,
and shared in my joy.
Years later she screamed,
when I said, "It's a boy!"

One day it happened,
she ignored all my calls.
Wouldn't answer the phone,
and put up thick walls.

I racked my brain,
no answer was there.
What had I done,
to cause such a tear?

To this day we don't speak,
and I don't know why.
I wish she'd explain,
why our friendship should die.


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