- Diary of a Weight Watchers Fanaticby Jomo17
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diets can be hard...
Diary of a Weight Watchers Fanatic by Jomo17
Food Glorious Food!!!! writing prompt entry


What's the point of counting points?
I asked myself today.
Dismally I eyed my squash,
is this the only way?


Barbeque has met its match,
it cannot bring me down.
Munched on crispy veggie sticks,
and didn't even frown.


The movie snacks were tempting,
the popcorn smelled so good.
I ordered diet soda,
no cheating, knock on wood.


My friend is super skinny,
and doesn't have to try.
Today she had some pizza,
I did stifle a sigh.


Block party was a challenge,
food was overflowing.
Compliments about my bod,
kept the diet going.


Some tell me I'm obsessive,
of course it may be true.
I'm not naturally thin though,
so it's what I must do.


What's the point of counting points?
It's worth it in the end.
Clothes are not the enemy,
the mirror's now my friend.

Writing Prompt
We all love eating food (well most of us), so why not write about Food?

Author Notes
Counting points refers to the Weight Watchers points program that I religiously follow. Each food is worth a certain amount of points, and you are allowed a set number of points for the week.


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