- Forever Loyalby Begin Again
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Flash Fiction
Forever Loyal by Begin Again
200 Word Flash Fiction writing prompt entry

A creature of habit, Tyrone's heavy footsteps pounded the pavement. His partner, a mammoth mastiff, strutted arrogantly by his side. Dog and man controlled the neighborhood, drunk with power. Evil oozed from their pores.

Bits of dried crud clung to Jason's shirt, remnants of his loss. His passive soul stood stagnant, overwhelmed by fear as his valiant friend lay helplessly bleeding. Too late, a funnel cloud of anger filled his heart.

Crouched in the shadows, he promised revenge. Tonight, he placed the bait and waited.

The mastiff's nostrils caught the aroma of fresh meat. His massive jaws chomped and devoured the arsenic laced steak. The dog stumbled and collapsed on the ground. Iron-hearted Tyrone crumbled, weeping and begging for help.

Doors closed. Lights were turned off. The silence was deafening.

Jason's trembling fingers unfastened the padlock. The van door opened. A trio of ferocious pit bulls lunged forward, attacking Tyrone and his dog.

Peace returned to the neighborhood. A statue commemorated all four-legged friends.

Jason's watery eyes gazed at the picture on his desk. Grasping the frame, he whispered, "If only my pen was mightier than the sword, this is how I would avenge you." Tears slid down his cheek as he turned off the light.

Writing Prompt
Write a story that is between 200 - 210 words. The trick is you must use the following words: power - bleed - funnel - crud - heart - fill - passive. Words may be used in different formats (for example: bleed, bleeding, bleeds)

Author Notes
Joan- Thank you for the lovely picture of a loyal four legged friend...It is perfect!

Word Count 205


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