- Hope Rebornby Begin Again
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Micro fiction
Hope Reborn by Begin Again

The waves pounded the jagged rocks. Wind whistled through the darkness. A weary figure perched atop the cliff.

Staring into the pitch-black water, he prepared to die. Yet, something beckoned him to stay. His eyes flickered. Leaning forward, he looked again.

Was his mind playing tricks?

Brilliant red hair and eyes of green ... the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, diving beneath the water, only to surface again.

As the sun kissed the horizon, she disappeared. His sadness returned.

His life was almost over.

"Jake, can you hear me?"

His eyes opened, amazed at her fiery red hair.

"I'm your nurse. You've had a terrible accident."

Hope was reborn.


Author Notes
Micro -fiction prompt - beautiful maiden
Word count - 110

Thank you Mino for the perfect picture.


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