- Life's Lessons 101by Begin Again
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Mother and Child
Life's Lessons 101 by Begin Again

Sun rays warmed my skin. The fresh scent of spring filled the air. A wave of giddiness washed over me. I took a deep breath and smiled.

The red and yellow circus box tipped and animal crackers scattered across my tray. My fingers picked one and slipped it into my mouth.

"It's a lion, Jack. He's king of the jungle." My best roar rumbled from my lungs.

"Oh, here's an elephant. He's got big ears and a long trunk." Its sweet taste teased my taste buds.

"This one's a bear. He's big and strong like your daddy."

A sharp jab made me jump. Rubbing my swollen belly, I cooed, "Yes, Jack, I'll save some for you."

I made a mental note to buy another box. After all, I was eating for two and teaching too!



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