- Stolen Treasureby Begin Again
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Two minds are better than one
Stolen Treasure by Begin Again

"Open it, Harry."

"I'm not going to open it. You open."

The air was stifling in the cramped attic space. The two carrot-topped twins perched atop the dusty trunk. A faint breeze wafted through the open window.

"Kachoo," Frankie's freckled nose wrinkled. "I'm suffocating up here. Open it before someone comes looking for us."

"Okay, but if we get caught -" Harry turned his head to listen. There weren't any sounds on the stairway.

"Just do it!" Frankie's anticipation was growing by leaps and bounds.

Listening for footsteps, Harry opened their treasure.

"Oh, it's better than I imagined." Leaning against the trunk, they savored the dark, sweet chocolate.

"Just remember ... if asked, we're telling mom we saw Sammy take it."

"That dog sure does love chocolate!"


Author Notes
Thank you gras roots for the wonderful artwork.


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