- Phantomby Catherin Elizabet Belle
This work has reached the exceptional level
Darkness dwells in all of us!
Phantom by Catherin Elizabet Belle

The dark gothic music pounds in her ears,
It speaks of ghost ships lost on an eerie
Turbulent sea, spectral voices of mutineers
Cries of sailors lost in battles weary;

Eerie phantom tunes invading her world,
Moods to ginger creative juices flowing,
Myriad words sending the mind in frantic swirl,
Drowning her world in his mystic veiling;

Rhyme and meter lost in turbulent waves
As dark music echoes the sailors element,
Ghostly ships haunt the dark watery graves
The mist shrouded in her pirates lofty scent;

Her joyous spirit drifts toward the abyss
Wandering fathoms below the raging crest
Ensconced in the smoky wisp of his maleness;
Captive languishes on her pirate's chest.


Author Notes
Shacka69, Thank you for the use of "The Sea of Life".


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