- Mistaken Identity - Part 5by Begin Again
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Richard and Shannon collide....
Mistaken Identity - Part 5 by Begin Again
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As the elevator doors opened, Shannon hastened across the lobby. One of the newbies at the reception desk spotted her and called out her name.

"Miss Littlefield ... Shannon." The young man hurried her way.

Shannon's blood shot eyes glanced at him. He waved his arms wildly in the air, continuing to call her name,"Please, Miss Littlefield, stop. Mr. Hayley said-."

Frantic, she pushed through the outer door, glancing over her shoulder as she ran. She slammed against the person entering the building. The unsuspecting gentleman staggered backwards toward the curb.

"I'm sorry, I didn't-" The whites of her eyes widened. Her throat closed. The rapid beating of her heart echoed in her ears. Unable to breathe, she was sure she was dying. Seconds seemed like eternity.

The young intern burst through the doorway, "Shannon?" He saw the company's new CEO clawing at the air. He grabbed his flailing arm to steady him.

Gaining his footing, Richard shot a look in Shannon's direction. His anger flared, and then, their eyes met. A voice deep inside Shannon's mind screamed, "Run ... run ... get out of here. Before it's too late."

She ran, disappearing into the crowd.

"Mr. Cassandro? Excuse me, Mr. Cassandro. Are you okay? Can I help you?"

Shannon's stricken face set off an array of alarms in Richard's head. He'd been inches away from the woman who could send him back to prison again. Mentally, sizing up the situation, it was moments before he even realized a geeky individual was swatting at his suit jacket. He pushed the young man away.

Irritated by Shannon's disappearance, Richard lashed out at the young man. "What are you doing? Get your hands off me, stupid."

Taken aback, Stanley instantly stepped away. He adjusted his wire rimmed glasses before speaking. This time his agitated voice quivered, "Sorry, Mr. Cassandro. Just trying to help."

For several seconds, Richard scanned the sidewalk, hoping for another glimpse of Shannon, but she was gone.

Stanley shifted from one foot to the other, unsure of what was expected of him now. He shoved his hands into his pockets, then instantly pulled them out. He nibbled at his lower lip.

Gears started to turn in Richard's mind. A plan was quickly forming and Stanley was the key. He extended his hand to Stanley, "Excuse my temper. I apologize. Guess I got rattled."

Stanley timidly shook his hand, nodding.

"Oh, come on, Stanley. You were just trying to help. I won't forget it." Richard patted Stanley's trembling shoulder, "Let's try again. Friends?"

A small smile crept across the young intern's face. He shook Richard's hand with a firm grip. "Friends."

"She sure was in a hurry, huh? Appeared to be quite upset."

"Shannon? I mean, Miss Littlefield. She's not usually like that at all. Always polite and has time for the new interns like me."

"So you're new on the job are you? Me, too!" Richard laughed and hesitantly, Stanley laughed, too.

"My title's Junior Assistant to the Production Office." He cleared his throat, "Matter of fact, Mr. Hayley asked me to escort you to his office when you arrived. Unless ... unless you preferred to meet in your own office."

"Hayley?" Richard had no idea who Hayley was or what meeting the geek was referring to, but he wasn't about to show his hand.

"Yes, sir. Bill Hayley ... you called and said you wanted a meeting with him and Shannon."

"Of course, Bill Hayley, the producer. Must be jet lag. I'm not thinking too clearly, I guess."

"Of course, sir." Stanley nodded as if he fully understood.

Richard gazed down the sidewalk again. "Women ... you just never know about them, huh, Stanley?"

"Like I said, sir, Shannon's not normally like that. Something must be terribly wrong."

"Shannon ... Hmmm ...I wasn't aware of her name."

"Shannon Littlefield ... she's the Production Assistant. Mr. Hayley feels real bad about the misunderstanding this morning. He's eager to meet you and apologize. When he hears about this, he's really going to be upset."

"Accidents happen. It was nothing." Richard flashed a huge grin, "I'll let Mr. Hayley know just what a "can do" guy he's got in you."

Stanley straightened his shoulders. "Thank you, sir. I certainly try to do my best."

"I bet you do, Stanley, I just bet you do." Richard patted the young intern on his back. "Tell you what, Stanley, why don't you show me to my office before I meet Bill. I'd like to get Shannon's address. Do you think you could help me with that?"

"Well, I ... I'm not real sure, sir. You want her address. Umm ... I don't have access to personal information, Mr. Cassandro."

"Enough of the formal mumble jumbo, Stanley. You can call me, Ric ...." Catching his slip of the tongue, he coughed, "We're friends, Stanley. You can call me Matt."

Stanley's chest puffed out like a peacock strutting his stuff. "Mr. Cassa-'"

"Matt, remember?"

"Right ... Matt. I could try calling Personnel."

"Now there's a good idea, Stanley. Tell them that their boss told you to get the information, pronto. You understand?"

"Yes, sir ... I mean ... right away, Matt." The two men walked inside.

Stanley rushed to the receptionist desk and asked the switchboard operator to call Personnel. He pointed at Richard, explaining he was the new CEO and he was personally asked to take care of some business for him.

Once connected with the Personnel Office, Stanley explained, "Harriet, I know you aren't suppose to release any information about employees, but he's the owner, the boss. Don't you suppose he should get what ever he wants? Besides, after the stunt Shannon pulled this morning, he probably wants to fire her, personally."

Moments later, he proudly handed Shannon's address to him. "There you are, Matt, Shannon's address. Harriet gave me a bad time but I just let her know that what the boss wants, the boss gets."

"Fine job, Stanley."

"Would you like me to show you to your office now?"

"I don't think so, Stanley. I just remembered something I forgot to do." Richard walked out of the building and hailed a cab. Stanley's mouth gaped as he watched the taxi drive away.

Having completed her shopping, Georgia was eager to reach the Presidential Suite. She'd always enjoyed sex, especially with a hungry partner. Unlike Nikki's sad attempts, Richard was a powerhouse, a smooth running machine with perfectly oiled parts.

As she opened the door, the sound of running water greeted her. She licked her lips and smiled.

Dicky, you sly boy, surprising me like this.

Chilled champagne, a complimentary fruit basket including a tray of chocolate covered strawberries, and the box of Cuban cigars filled the side table.

Georgia tossed her packages on the bed. She slipped out of her clothes, surveying her naked body in the mirror.

"Not bad for an old broad, not bad at all."

Turning back the bedspread, she plumped the pillows, turned on a mood light, and closed the drapes.

The soft glow was perfect. As her anticipation overflowed, she tiptoed into the steamy bathroom.

"Ready or not, here I come." 


Author Notes
Thank you Angotti for the use of your photo.


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