- The Lady on the Balconyby Catherin Elizabet Belle
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Loving memories held to eternity.
The Lady on the Balcony by Catherin Elizabet Belle

On the wrought iron deck sits an elegant dame
Living a century her sole claim to fame.

As bright red oak leaves float through the salty air
She sips the warm brown elixir laced with care
The brandy warms the great lady's weary soul;
While fond memories take an exciting stroll.
The wonder of meeting the man of her dreams,
His broad smile standing the test of time still gleams;
When he toiled night and day to provide a home,
They dream of exciting foreign sites to roam;
The birth of their first child filled his heart with pride,
Handing the baby girl to the priest she cried;
In forty-two to war he gallantly marched;
Fly boys, of mama's hot apple pie so parched.
Three long decades later he hangs his dress blues
In closet's back placed his revered black shoes;
With enduring love they weathered many ills
As deaths eerie darkness shrouds her soul in chills;
Lonely cherished moments herald joys untold,
In her lap just resting tiny hands so cold.
Her friends all reside beyond the azure sky
Stoic through all the years her twilight is nigh.

Her spirit sings in Zion her claim to fame,
On the wrought iron deck sits an elegant dame.


Author Notes
My deep appreciation to Angelheart for the use of "The Call".


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