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Results of Bob going for the million.
Wasn't Meant To Be by Mastery

Last month yours truly wrote a short, non-fiction, story called "Little Miss Band Shoes." Those of you familiar with the story will remember that I had a chance at a million dollars on September 11, 2011. They taped a TV show that day called "Make Me Rich" in which I and two other people competed for a million dollars. One in three chance...not bad.

I told many of you at that time that I would let you know the end result. One person was eliminated right away. I was the second to go and unfortunately, blew it. A teacher from Royal Oak, Michigan, named Victoria won the million.

My wife,Lyn,was in the audience, of course, and said I was very calm, cool and collected throughout the taping. I was just ducky, even though they had a million bucks stacked up on a table in front of us. Yes, I was just fine until the host said to me:

"Alright, Bob... it's your turn. Turn around, pull the handle, but remember, if you knock over any of those targets...Victoria will walk away with this million dollars." My heart sank at that point. An adrenaline rush for sure as I smacked a target down. Yikes!

Oh, well, you can see this show by going to YouTube after October 6th and putting in "Make Me Rich-Michigan Lottery" Then look for the clip from September 11, 2011.

I did get five thousand just for going on the show plus my other winnings...but still...I will never get that close to a million bucks again, I am sure.

Thanks for following this everybody. Blessings and good luck to all. Bob


Author Notes
I am a rich man anyway because of my wonderful wife, Lynie, wiithout whose help I would never have even had the chance. (See Little Miss Band Shoes" in my portfolio)


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