- What is Spiritual to Meby Yvon
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Some spiritual things
What is Spiritual to Me by Yvon
Spiritual writing prompt entry
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Seeds having trees already there in the shell
Water coming from earth after digging a well
Farmers during harvest as they reap what they sow
These simplest treasures do make my heart glow

The descent of a leaf as it falls from a tree
A cloud drifting by carried on a cool breeze
The sun shining and warming a cold winter's day
The laughter of children in fields as they play

The honking of horns as I step on the gas
Speeding down busy streets and moving so fast
Reading a good book on the couch where I lie
Laughing with laughter I hear strolling by


Looking up and to witness the vastness of space
To ponder upon mysteries in this heavenly place
Seeking the depths, beyond Earth, Moon and star
Knowing the Spirit, will heal my life's scars.

Looking at the future, past, present and more
To travel the planet, flying where eagles soar
Witnessing Earthly scenes from heavens above
Is this spaceship of life, that I truly love

To experience the truth in a moment of time
Walking down lonely streets and feel the Divine
To ponder upon a seed drifting by and so free
These are some spiritual things that matter to me

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that is spiritual in nature


Author Notes
The list could go on forever!


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