- Out To Seaby Warren Rodgers
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Surviving a loved ones death
Surviving Silent Storms
: Out To Sea by Warren Rodgers

I feel you in the waves that break,
unfolding gently by the scores.
Forever will each rippled wake
arrive from distant shining shores.

As dusk unrolls her amber skies
my steps pursue your constant rush.
I close my eyes to lay with you,
immersed inside the growing hush.

Surrendered to the silent swells,
on cresting caps of memory,
I wish the waves would wash aground,
and roll me out upon the sea.

Amidst the solitude of night
I feel your life still lives within.
But every breath I'd sacrifice,
to bring you back from Heaven's whim.

As dawn arrives to light the sky,
the surging tide has rushed away.
I'm grateful for the grace of light
to guide me through each golden day.


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Author Notes
a,b,c,b rhyming in iambic tetrameter (8 syllables per line)

Inspiration gathered from a song by Barry Manilow entitled "Lay Me Down" in 1975. A little known song that I always felt was one of his best and has stayed with me for all these years. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there. Enjoy the day!


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