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Final chapter
The ts detectve
: Is this the end by dmt1967

Jet the ts detective is on the trail of her ex wife's murderer she has found out the ex was a spy and she is hunting down the killer

Bud marched briskly to a parked black sedan; I had to run to keep up with him.

The car seemed familiar, a memory pricked my brain, and it tried to push itself into my tired and confused mind but couldn’t quite get there. Bud must have seen the puzzled look on my face as he smiled at me while unlocked the car.

“Yes,” he said as he held the door open for me, “it was me following you the day you caught your flight.”

At least that was another bit of the puzzle that was explained

Bud pulled into the early morning traffic with ease, and started to tell the story again.

“I got to the hangar but the shoot-out had finished. I saw just the end of it. Tel would have shot you if Jason hadn’t shot him first.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“I think you worked that one out for yourself though. Helen was right about you, you’re good.”

Helen thought I was good
. The tears welled up in my eyes again but I fought to control my emotions.  I wanted to hear the rest of the story. When I didn’t say anything Bud continued.

“I saw Jason take off and Ben going out to phone The Boss. I followed Ben and crept as close as I could. I couldn’t hear all of the conversation but the bit I did hear was Ben being told you must die. Knowing you were in danger, I kept a closer eye on you than ever.”

Bud glanced over his shoulder as he over took a car.

“When Ben and you took off in his car, I followed at a safe distance but I think Ben spotted me as he seemed to speed up a little. I lost you at the junction. I frantically searched the streets for the car and finally spotted it outside a derelict building.
Pulling up next to the building I saw you jump into the car and drive off.”

He looked in his mirror, did he think we were being followed.

“Being in two minds, should I follow you or see where Ben was, I sat in the car a minute thinking, I saw the police arrive with the coroner, and surmised that Ben was dead and you were going after The Boss. I phoned for back up and drove to the premises of the team, just in time to see The Boss walking beside you to his car. I figured he had a gun and you were not going along for the ride so I crept behind that pillar and, well you know the rest.”

I nodded. What a story. At least most of my questions had been answered. Most, but not all; who killed Helen? I still didn’t know the answer to that one, I wasn’t even close to finding out. All I had been through, and I still didn’t know the answer to the most important question on my mind- it was so frustrating.

Bud pulled up to a big building and parked the car directly outside it. He turned to me, an intent look in his eye.

“Helen trusted you and I do too. There are still traitors out there. We’ve only scraped the surface with the team. The organization is very large; we don’t know who we can count on anymore. I want you to join in the fight; the law enforcers took an oath to serve the public. The ones that don’t care about that oath are betraying the ones that do. They must be stopped at all costs. We can stop them, Jet, you and me, working together, if you join me in this. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help you find out who killed Helen and bring them to justice.”

Bud got out of the car, walked around to my door and opened it for me.

“What do you say?” he asked as he extended his arm to help me out.

I looked up at him, standing there, waiting for my answer and sighed.

“The answer’s yes,” I replied taking his hand so he could help me out of the car.

He beamed at me as we walked up the steps to the building and my new life. The only thing on my mind was my promise to Helen, to complete her mission, and in the process bring her killer to justice.



Author Notes
The book is complete book 2 will follow once this book is ready for print hopefully very soon


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