- Seven Layered Rantby DragonSkulls
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The Crown of Heroic Sonnets 3 contest entry
Seven Layered Rant by DragonSkulls
The Crown of Heroic Sonnets III contest entry

If might I speak my mind the truth be told?
For values seem to wither 'neath the crust
Injustices still grow like festered mold
Throughout the precious site we so entrust

Well camouflaged are lies some will not see
Where dearest bonds of friendship seldom part
Ignoring any falling of debris
Where loyalty is chosen over art

While many times the work is quite unique
A well deserving win I can't refute
But should the piece lack substance in technique
Their triumph might stain deeply in dispute

Pretending there's no flesh beneath the claws
Nor wounds that glow apparent under cloak
The surface rarely tarnishes with flaws
And holds a brilliant shine behind the smoke

When fans are not enticed and names are bound
Amid the blind a bitter truth is found


Amid the blind a bitter truth is found
Yet few remove the veil and face what's real
Another piece on happiness is crowned
For each emotion left has no appeal

I wish the sunlight masked our every sin
That butterflies flew vibrant on the breeze
That all the dreams we chase weren't paper thin
And sweet undying love would come with ease

But wipe away the gloss and look outside
Reality won't glisten in the sun
The blood and tears of time have never dried
And writes on these have rarely ever won

Not every piece should bask in hues of grace
These wasted words forgotten once exposed
Without the glitter nor the frilly lace
The masses vote with eyes still tightly closed

Such perfect lives our poetry can weave
While locked inside the box of make-believe


While locked inside the box of make-believe
I stood convinced reviews would flow like wine
Not taking into thought how most perceive
As if the reader's view were that of mine

The contest did not specify a theme
I dared to cross the bound'ries once again
A piece on suicidal self-esteem
Artistically poetic 'neath the pen

At first I spent the silver just to join
Another toll was due should I promote
To raise the bribing fee took sacks of coin
But surely there was praise for what I wrote

I willingly paid dearly for the rank
And thought rewards would justify these dues
Apparently the masses thought it stank
For few and far between were these reviews

Be negative or grand their overlay
Are not the points and gold worth any say?


Are not the points and gold worth any say?
I ask this of myself on certain writes
Considering my words and what they weigh
Should anger be the fuel that it ignites

In black and white the rules are plainly shown
For any questions threads are there to guide
Yet voted on are works I can't condone
That sadly win though rules were not applied

I only wish that voters vaguely cared
And saw the unjust acts as shameless crime
Yes, spelling's close when some words are compared
But storm and worm will clearly never rhyme

So take in mind how tainted votes reflect
If choosing not to heed the rules in play
And show us just the slightest of respect
Before the last contestants fade away

For one day soon the prompts may not be chased
Unfairness leaves a foul and fruitless taste


Unfairness leaves a foul and fruitless taste
But helps to veer the falling of the votes
I dearly wish these options were erased
The use of video and author notes

Can not the words alone tell all the tale
That shares one's deepest fears or joys abound?
Without such tools are all the words so frail
They'd splinter into shards on barren ground?

When writing just to post, go right ahead
The additives can cause no harm or stress
But might a vessel's helm be falsely led
The entries need no aid in their success

The artwork lends enough in its support
A charming little picture few resist
With Daily Prompts ridiculously short
The piece should sing without YouTube's assist

To craftfully say more with less takes skill
So few apply the effort or the will


So few apply the effort or the will
To carefully select a worthy write
When masterpieces fail to Jack and Jill
I ponder if it's ignorance or spite

Appalled at what I witness in the booth
Do children place the vote when Mom's aside?
How inconsiderate these damning youth
That seem to mix no morals with their pride

Judge fairly on the work and art within
And how uniquely every piece was built
If voting for a children's write to win
I could not face the mirror with my guilt

One's mental state should flourish over years
But where's this vast intelligence displayed?
The intellect is just as it appears
Exactly how it reads in second grade

When Mary's little lamb shines over Poe
So harshly devastating is the blow


So harshly devastating is the blow
To watch your six star rating slowly die
Degraded by some simpleton or foe
Without a valid reason as to why

Some entrants weep with no votes by their name
Then throw their little stars to compensate
Convinced they need a charlatan to blame
With any poor excuse their minds create

We seldom reach the heights of well received
A hefty goal that most can not ignore
But how can once a six star is achieved
The piece be sorely wounded by a four?

Opinions should not stave the stars in place
The rating was not grunted out and shat
Delivered like a slap across the face
You'd rather I said this instead of that

I hope some see there's dirt beneath the gold
If might I speak my mind the truth be told


Author Notes
No repeated rhymes.

Jack and Jill is a nursery rhyme for those who don't know.


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