- Again and Alwaysby mrgrunty
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Again and Always by mrgrunty

It's a good thing, love,
that you left when you did.
As there was a chance I might have been happy.

It's a good thing, hurt,
that you came to my aid.
As it really did feel like I was smiling.

My old friend, fear,
who's been here all along.
Right by my side to whisper warnings.

...and all the while , a heart beats.
Dumb to the thought
there might be more,
than shifting blood...

It's a fine thing, hope,
that you can take a punch.
Then stand back up with a stupid grin.

There's water stains, will,
where you're wearing through.
As despair appears like a drink in the desert.

So, it's a good thing, love,
that you leave when you do.
For what is a man with nothing to wish for?

...and all the while, a heart beats.
Dumb with the dream
there might be more,
than more than this...


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