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Biff and Bam by djsaxon
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I try to write but lose the fight surrounded as I am
by raucous pre-teen monsters, let me call them Biff and Bam

With no regard for care or fear they leap onto my lap
"Please Daddy, hug me!" Children bug me, father parent crap

My cynicism takes a break, I look into their eyes
And realise to my surprise, I love these little guys

Let's take a walk but no more talk, we'll head out to the park
We'll do the swings and lots of things and come home after dark

Mack and Mabel set the table, hanker down for jam
No loving Mom to bless the feast, I'm left with Biff and Bam

Two echoes of a memory that devastates me still
My soul mate gone to pastures greener, divvy up the till

I'm left with tiny replicas of love and joy and more
With furrowed brow I face the now, and all that's gone before

Now dinner's done, embrace the son, embrace the daughter too
And revel in the love they offer, nothing more to do

So cuddly is as cuddly does, I put them both to bed
Return to swill and raise the quill - parental duty fed

I'm angry that you left me here, with nought to lean upon
Just Biff and Bam, the sticky jam, our love goes on and on

For my wife Mag. 1947 - 1994


Author Notes
Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand were legendary and unlikely Hollywood lovers. Chalk and cheese - like Biff and Bam :)
Thank you VMarguarite for the image. The doyen of digital rock and roll - DJ xx


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