- Primary Careby Marillion
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My Mom
Primary Care by Marillion

Primary Care
She rises painfully—without complaint—
Head haloed by the silver of her hair,
And as she helps her husband from his chair,
Her shadow drags just like a burdened saint.
She wears the mantle—stooped in silhouette—  
Of one diminished by her sacrifice,
Where giving care has been her sole device
To pay the interest on a crippling debt.


Author Notes
This is for my Mom, who took care of my Dad as long as she could after his debilitating stroke in 2001, until I moved back to take over. She's still my hero. The picture is from their 50th anniversary dinner last spring. The meme is something I made on my iPhone with a quote I'd composed.

This is iambic pentameter, in an ABBA CDDC poem. Short and sweet today.


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