- He Lies Aloneby Marillion
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He made his bed, and now has to lie in it.
He Lies Alone by Marillion

He Lies Alone

He lies alone — eyes on the ceiling fan

Revolving like a clock at triple speed—

Within the rage that plagues an aging man

Who knows his want, too often, trumped his need.

He lies alone — stone cold — with thoughts of her,

And how the warmth she brought is sorely missed,

With damn old Sam —  her blasted cat! — whose purr

Would rumble as he watched them when they kissed.

He’ll die alone (denial’s his companion)

Because he thinks, in time, she’s coming back;

But memories, which echo like a canyon,

Still bind him there as if he’s on the rack.

He’s on his own — a captive, lying prone.

He lied to her, so now he lies alone.   



Author Notes
Not biographical.


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