- Waking To Autumnby Poetic Visionary
This work has reached the exceptional level
a seasonal rhyme
Waking To Autumn by Poetic Visionary

A soft approach awakes the dawn
with melodies of Autumn's song,
Refreshing breezes gently sway.
My dreams adrift where angels play.

I softly whisper, "Can this be?
You're finally here, please comfort me.
Don't wake me yet, sing quietly-
My latest song is yet to be."

I reminisce of shortened days,
an evening's glow in golden haze,
Abbreviated, brisk and warm;
Embracing me in welcomed charm.

A rhythm taps out morning's rain.
Refreshment comes in short refrain.
A rainbow forms in Dawn's new skies;
Her beauty comes to harmonize

This season's melody is played
Inside my thoughts where treasures lay,
While lofty breezes ring their bell,
Removing me from Summer's spell.

All comfort comes while rest is nigh,
When dawning brings a lullaby,
Night dreams, they mingle with the morn,
As Autumn fantasies are born.


Author Notes
Ahhh, my favorite season is here!

*My artwork


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