- tanka (astral light glistens)by mountainwriter49
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: tanka (astral light glistens) by mountainwriter49
    Tanka Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

tanka (astral light glistens)
astral light glistens
on lake’s rippling waters
of you wash over me
as I grasp your fading hand
10 June 2014
Tanka Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Poetic Form:
Tanka, an ancient Japanese short poetic form which provides a wonderful vehicle for emotive writing. It is non-rhyming and follows a short/long/short/long/long format not exceeding 31 syllables. More often than not, the syllable count is less than the arbitrary 5-7-5-7-7 format. In tanka, the first two lines are haiku-like and refer to a natural element, thus setting the tone for the emotive part. The third line serves the important role of commentary on the first two lines and pivot to being the last two lines. The last two lines deliver the emotive punch. In tanka, nature may be personified. Capitalization and punctuation are kept to the absolute minimum and used only when necessary.

Many thanks to Sue Campion (sgalletti) for teaching me the intricate correlation between the tanka and sonnet forms of poetry. I highly recommend her Japanese Short Poetry Form classes.

I believe poetry should be able to stand on its own; consequently, I do not append digital artwork to my writing.

Thank you for reading my poetry.


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